Friday, January 17, 2014

Foods and vitamins beauty!

That should look pretty well fed . The better you eat keeps you fresh and your skin . Below are a number of foods that keep you in shape and called beauty foods .

Are good anti aging food . A high percentage of vitamin E and help the skin to be soft . But keep in mind that you should eat fewer calories after .

To have strong claws and strong bone proteins needed . The proteins found in chicken , beans , tuna fish .

Vitamin B
Foods rich in vitamin B make your hair shining . Rich in these vitamins are eggs , milk , green vegetables , onion and cucumber .

Eating fish like salmon , that means you 've got Omega 3 , which helps in skin hydration and nutrition .

Zinc and calcium
Zinc is found in meat and poultry , eggs , seafood . Calcium also helps in cleaning the skin . He is the cream cheese with less calories and milk . These foods not only reveal the face , but also reduce wrinkles .

Vitamin C
This vitamin helps in reducing wrinkles . As kiwi fruit is best for vitamin C. Others are orange , mango , lemon , etc. .

Vitamin E
It is known as one of the vitamins that avoids burning the skin from the sun . If you eat a lot of peaches will you get vitamin E in your body .

Vitamin C and iron
These two vitamins together help to leave the black circle eyes .

Drink as much water . Water helps in removing toxins from the body and the freshness of the skin .
Tomatoes contain antioxidants , beta - karotin and vitamin C.

To have good teeth and healthy .

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