Friday, January 17, 2014

10 mysteries of the mind

Sweet sleep

If you were to ask 10 people what a dream , surely will receive 10 different answers . This is because scientists still do not reveal the mystery . One possibility : Dreams exercise brain synapses encouraging movement between brain cells . Another theory is that people dream about events and emotions that are not in day care and that this process helps to strengthen the thoughts and memory . In general , scientists agree only on one fact : that dreams seen during deep sleep called Rapid Eye Movement ( REM )

sleep alert

Flying insects do, tigers also . People do not seem to ever enough . Talking about closing your eyes so critical that we spend a quarter of our lives in the process. But anyway reasons are still sleeping so strange that even a silly dream . One thing scientists know for sure : Sleep is very important for the survival of mammals. Prolonged insomnia can bring changes humor , alucinacione and quite extreme cases , death . There are two bedrooms - not the quick movement of the eye , in which the brain shows low metabolic activity and rapid eye movement , during which the brain is very active . Some scientists think that the first gives the body a weakness pause while maintaining energy , similar to lethargy . While the latter can help organize memories . However , this theory is not yet proven .

feelings iluzionuese

It is estimated that 80 % of sensory experiences left half , including warmth , kruajtjen , pressure and pain from missing limbs . People who experience this phenomenon , known as " phantom limb " have the feeling as if the missing limb was part of their body . One explanation says that the area where the nerve is broken limb creates new connections with spinal back and continues to transmit signals to the brain as if the missing limb is still there . Another possibility is that the brain has learned to work if all body parts are intact - which means that the brain retains an image of the body with all its parts .

control absent

By staying in the hypothalamus of the brain , it is called the biological clock , the body follow the rhythm programming 24 hours . The effect is more evident sleeping cycle - rousing , but also biological clock pattern is observable problems in digestion , body temperature , blood pressure and hormone production . Researchers have discovered that the intensity of light can adjust the clock movement by regulating the movement of melatonin . The last debate is whether increasing the amount of melatonin can help prevent fatigue state of idleness and feels when going to different local hours .

Path memory

Some experience not easily forgotten , such as first kiss . But how can a person be taken after this personal cinema ? Using techniques of brain imagination , scientists have not yet discovered the mechanism that creates and preserves responsible memories . They are discovering that the hippocampus in the brain gray mass , can work as a memory box . But this deposit area is not as discriminating as to choose which memories to fix and what to forget , because as a true memory , it also persevere false , activate the same parts of the brain . To draw out the real memory , some scientists , seeking to find a subject or an object able to call in the context memory , something that is much more difficult when the event happened.

Harasser brain

Laughter is a human behavior less understood . Scientists have discovered that during a good laugh , 3 illuminated parts of the brain : the part that thinks , which helps to understand the joke , a movement that encourages area muscles moving and emotional piece that highlights a marvelous feeling . But is unknown why one person laughs at stupid jokes to his brother , while another is watching a horror movie . John Morreall , which is a pioneer in humor research in William and Mary College , has discovered that laughter is the response of inkongruiteteve , stories that disobey conventional expectations . Others see laughter as a way of signaling to another person that his action was entertaining . But one thing is for sure , the laughter makes us feel good .

Nature against nature

In the protracted fight to discover if the thoughts and personality are controlled by genes or by the atmosphere , scientists are building a credible plan that may be evidence or both together or none . The study of individual genes shows that the human mind creates many portraits , over which we have no full control . In many situations it is determined that besides education the pressure on society and the way you show to different people , affects more the person you are and the things you do .

The mystery of mortality

Living eternally happens only in Hollywood . Why do people grow old ? You born with a powerful mechanism , able to fight diseases and injuries , and thinks that it will protect against everything . But , while old, healing mechanism begins to oxidize and in fact , flexibility and personal resilience against physical injuries or stress decreases drastically . Theories on why aging can be divided into two categories : 1 . Like other human characteristics , aging could be simply a part of human genetics and in some ways is helpful . 2 . On a positive note , there is no reason aging , but is simply a consequence of cell damage that occur during human life . However , the greatest aspiration is to reach scientists to slow down the aging process by doubling the lifespan .

Deep freeze

Maybe you live in eternity can not ever become reality , but a heroic field called " cryonics " ( deep freeze ) can give people two lives . Freezing centers as the Life Extension Foundation Alcor , in Arizona , preserve human bodies in vats filled with liquid nitrogen at a temperature below -320 degrees . The idea is that when a person dies from a disease currently incurable , can be heated and rise again in the future when a cure is found . Body rounders legend , Ted Williams , is still preserved at Alcor refrigerators . Like other bodies cooled , Williams is positioned upside down . In this way , if you ever can happen to have any leaks in the tub , the brain would still immersed in the icy fluid . None of the bodies cooled until now has not been raised , as appropriate technology does not yet exist . The problem is that if the body is not heated to the right temperature , the cells of the person can return to the ice and broke into pieces .


When you wake up in the morning , may perceive that the sun rises , you hear the birds chirp , and can feel a wave of happiness when the cool wind touches his face . In other words , you are aware . This complex area has been a major concern for scientists in Antiquity . Only recently has begun to be called by the neuroscientist consciousness as a realistic research field . Harasser largest brain in this area is to explain how the brain processes develop subjective human experiences . Until now , scientists have only managed to create a huge list of questions.

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