Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Facebook Tweaks Its Newsfeed Algorithm Again; Here’s What You Need To Know


After conducting some tests on how people are using their status messages, Facebook has announced an update to its newsfeed display algorithm. This change will affect both users and Facebook pages.

During the tests they ran, Facebook found out that more people share text based status updates from users. This does not work the same way for Facebook Pages. With this mind, the social network changed the way the newsfeed displays stuff from both users and Pages.
Now, users who post text based messages as their status will see their content being displayed to a larger audience. Facebook says that this change will get more people to engage and share their own status messages. In their live tests, they saw an increase in the number of text based status messages totaling to around 9 million.
However, this change in algorithm will affect Facebook pages negatively. Pages which rely on text based status updates will have to change their strategy as Facebook will no longer show these updates to a large audience of your page. In fact the company says that Page owners should focus more on media based updates. Media based updates may include images, videos, web links, etc. The company says that they have seen more engagement with these kind of updates. Such media based updates can also be embedded on the web, so that more users can discover your content and interact.