Sunday, January 26, 2014

Police flee from 'goblin' in a suitcase

A bizarre case of mass hysteria is reported to have caused police in Zimbabwe to flee in terror.

The peculiar incident was alleged to have taken place at the Tshabalala Police Station on Wednesday evening. According to reports, a family from a local suburb left a suitcase at the station containing a "goblin" in a blood-filled bottle.

"We heard some screaming from the charge office and most officers who had knocked off rushed to see what was happening," said one officer. "At first everyone gathered around the suitcase, wanting to see what was inside."

What happened next isn't clear, but several of the officers reportedly fled the building in terror after the "goblin" jumped out of the bottle and ran amok until a healer was said to have overpowered it and destroyed it with fire.

"One minute, the charge office was full, the next, it was empty," said the officer. "I think some people went out through the windows because we could not all have fitted through the door."

Most likely a case of mass hysteria sparked by an animal taxidermy or other ritualistic object that happened to be in the suitcase, the incident nonetheless emphasizes the extent to which spiritual beliefs and superstitions dominate the lives of those who live in the region.